Pekin Man Injured In Freak Accident

23 Feb 2024

Maple Syrup Festival Opens This Saturday and Sunday

22 Feb 2024

Proposed $3.3 Million Bond Vote Fails

21 Feb 2024

WCCF offering $55,000.00 in Spring Grant Cycle

20 Feb 2024
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Quote of the Day

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe." Albert Einstein

Ralph Purkhiser, Purdue University Master Gardener

It is amazing how the additional light that February brings causes growth on houseplants.  Plants in a sunny window have to be turned daily to keep them from growing toward the light.  This lush new growth may also be a signal to cut some plants back to keep them compact and bushy.  However, those cuttings may be put to use.  When taking cuttings, be sure to use sharp tools.  You may use a knife or scissors, or by-pass pruners.  Do not use anvil pruners, as they may crush the stem.  If there has been any disease in your plants, sterilize your tools with a mixture of rubbing alcohol and water or a weak bleach solution between cuts to prevent the spread of pathogens.

Stem tip cuttings include the terminal bud and at least two nodes.  The nodes will become the source of the adventitious roots.  Some plants will produce the roots easily, but others will benefit from a little help.  Rooting hormones are available in powder and gel forms.  When using the hormones, put some out into a small dish.  Do not dip your plants into the bottle.  When using the powder, dip the stem cutting in water and then dip it into the powder, making sure that the nodes get some powder.  Use a dowel rod or other stick just larger than the stem to make a hole in the moistened potting mix.  Insert the cutting in the hole, and press the mix in to touch the stem.  Depending on the plant, roots will usually form in two to three weeks.

Some stem cuttings do not even need soil to form adventitious roots.  Impatiens, tradescantia and other common houseplants will root if the stem is just placed in water.  However, experts say that healthier roots form when starting them in a sterile potting mix.

You do not need to waste the rest of the stem once you have used the terminal bud.  You can take other types of cuttings along the length of the stem.  Take a leaf bud cutting by making two cuts—one just above a leaf node and another just below the node.  Your cutting should include a leaf, a node and an axillary bud (see last week’s list of terms).  Dip it in water and then touch it to the rooting hormone.  Plant it in a moist potting mix.

Plants with thick stems may be propagated by a special type of stem cutting known as a cane cutting.  Sometimes, this is a good way to rejuvenate a plant that has become a little leggy at the top or has just outgrown your house.  A stem may be cut into sections about four inches long.  You may either stand the stem vertically in the potting mix or lay it horizontally.  If using the horizontal method, make sure that about half of the stem’s diameter is beneath the soil line.  This method may result in several new plants, which may be divided after they begin to grow, or you may let them grow as a cluster.

Some plants will produce roots from the leaf petiole.  Many people use this method for starting new begonias.  Simply place the cut end of the petiole in the starting medium.  The cut will form a scab, and a new bud will emerge.  That bud will become a new plant.  Just remove the original petiole when the new plant emerges.

Some plants, including many succulents, will grow new plants by simply placing the end of a leaf in the growing medium.  When using succulent cuttings, it is usually best to allow them to scab over before planting them.  I usually break off a leaf and wait three to five days before planting them.

Like all plants, starts from cuttings require moisture and light.  Make sure the growing medium stays evenly moist, but not soggy.  The plants also require humidity.  For that reason, cuttings are often put in plastic tents to keep the humidity up.  They also need bright, indirect light.  With the advent of the LED grow lights, supplying good light inside is easy and relatively inexpensive.




The Mill Catalyzes Entrepreneurial Growth through Indiana Uplands Accelerator

23 Feb 2024

IEDC funds vision to create a thriving ecosystem for startups and scalable businesses in the Uplands Region  Bloomington, Ind.—The Mill, Bloomington’s nonprofit center for entrepreneurship, announced today that it will be piloting a new accelerator program in the Uplands Region. Indiana Uplands Accelerator is a transformative initia ...

Obstacles Facing Small Businesses in the Modern Economy

12 Feb 2024

The latest MetLife and U.S Chamber of Small Business Index has identified issues that many small businesses are confronting in the current economic climate. Small businesses are the economic engine that runs countries across the globe. Such businesses comprise a larger share of the economic landscape than big firms. Despite how essential a thr ...

Mid-Southern Bancorp, Inc. announces its Quarterly Cash Dividend

25 Jan 2024

Mid-Southern Bancorp, Inc. (“Company”) (OTCQX:MSVB), the holding company for Mid-Southern Savings Bank, FSB (“Bank”), announced that its Board of Directors declared a quarterly cash dividend of $0.06 per share on the Company’s outstanding common stock. The cash dividend will be payable on February 23, 2024 to shareholders of record as of the close ...

Radius Elects New Board for 2024

24 Jan 2024

BEDFORD, Ind. (Dec. 20, 2023) – Radius Indiana’s Board of Directors announced new members as well as a new set of officers at its final meeting of the year on Wednesday, Dec. 13 at the French Lick Resort. The board also ratified its 2024 budget that outlines opportunities for the organization and the region to maximize Radius’ current programs and ...




Gov. Holcomb To Send Guard Troops To Texas Border

22 Feb 2024

INDIANAPOLIS – Governor Eric J. Holcomb announced Monday, Feb. 12, that effective immediately he is deploying the Indiana National Guard to support the ongoing border security mission in Texas. Gov. Holcomb joined 13 other governors at the U.S. – Mexico border in Texas earlier this week to receive a detailed briefing from the front lines. “Federal ...

New Pekin Seeks Building Inspection Help

22 Feb 2024

The Salem Board of Public Works and Safety and Common Council met Monday, Feb. 12, and handled the following business: APPROVED: An agreement to allow Salem Building Commissioner Ronnie Voyles to provide inspection assistance to New Pekin. The agreement includes a fee schedule so the City of Salem will be reimbursed for the services Voyles ...

Here Is Your Indiana Government’ Book PDF Available at No Cost

20 Feb 2024

The Indiana Chamber of Commerce and Indiana Bar Foundation have teamed up to bring the importance of civics for young Hoosiers to the forefront. The 40th edition of the Here Is Your Indiana Government book – previously published exclusively by the Indiana Chamber – is now complimentary via an electronic guide and ...

Paying the World's Bills and Ignoring our Own

14 Feb 2024

Senator Mike Braun released the following statement on a $95 billion foreign aid package – over $70 billion of which will go to foreign countries - that passed the Senate early this morning in a 5:13AM vote. Senator Braun previously supported an Israel aid bill passed by the House of Representatives that was paid for with cuts to the $80 billion Pr ...



The following individuals were arrested recently by local law enforcement agencies. Those listed, in most cases, are just facing charges at this point, and are to be considered innocent of those charges unless and until proven guilty in a court of law. Charges are often dropped or lessened. Mugshots are collected from local law enforcement agencies on Mondays and are public records. 


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Tyler L. Standiford
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Andrew C. Arredondo
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